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Variable Data Printing; making bulk mail much easier

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Variable data printing takes the hard work out of large-scale bulk mailings while keeping your message focused and personal.

With variable data printing, a personalized address for your direct mail flyer, mailer, postcard, catalogue or brochure is a very important start. Research from Canada Post revealed that 84% of recipients open mail with their name on it.

And once they open that envelope, you can engage them with a fully personalized letter, with the ability to insert details from your database such as the name of their street, town, or other data, anywhere in the letter. Add their address to a catalogue order form, put their name on an exclusive discount coupon, or remind them that their *Wigit5000* is out of warranty or needs a service; the list is endless.

Our variable data experts at Nethercott Press will help convert your mailing list, customer database, or CRM data source into direct mail with impact and a good ROI.

We treat all data in strict confidence and do not store data once used to keep your customers' privacy and confidentiality.

For full details, contact us at 519-537-3082.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing is basically the same as a mail merge on your computer, placing personalized details from a data source into a standard text format. Variable data fields are placed at strategic points in that standard text, creating ‘spaces’ where individual data details are dropped into place. Equally, these fields can be placed in a graphic layout, so you can print a name and address on the back page of a pre-printed catalogue, for example. 

At Nethercott Press, our high-speed machines can create thousands of individual letters ready folded to place into addressed envelopes, and our finishing team can collate them so you simply take delivery of filled envelopes ready to mail.


Your data is kept 100% confidential and we do not re-sell or pass on any information provided to any 3rd party.

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